We put our resources to work. Otis Elevator Company supports a variety of community and charitable organizations worldwide. Generally only nonprofit organizations with U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt designation are eligible to receive grants. Otis concentrates its giving in the areas of education, especially engineering, science, and technology; building sustainable cities; investing in emerging markets; health and human services; arts and culture; community and public policy; and international programs.

How to Apply for a Grant (U.S.-Based Organizations) All organizations must complete a grant application online between January 1 and June 30 of the current year for consideration in the following year's budget. United Technologies and its business units accept grant applications through our online form

Review Process
Applications will be reviewed in the fall. If additional information is required as part of the review process, a staff member will contact the applicant.

Funding decisions are announced to applicants in the first quarter of the calendar year in which funding will occur. We ask that you please do not contact the company for status reports.

Otis Elevator Company is proud to support a number of worthwhile organizations. However, we do not fund the following entities.
Partisan political organizations
Religious organizations with programs limited to or expressly for their membership
Controversial social causes on which there are strong differences of opinion
Endowment campaigns
Dues or gifts to alumni groups that are not distributed to the eligible higher

education institution

Fees for publication or merchandise
Booster clubs
Sororities or fraternities
Organizations engaged in or advocating illegal actions
Only organization determined by UTC to have a conflict of interest