We support organizations our employees value. Every year, Otis’ President’s Awards recognize individuals or teams who make outstanding contributions in areas vital to serving our customers and succeeding as a company, such as process improvement, safety, customer service and innovation.

As part of their award, winning teams receive US $5,000 to donate to their charities of choice meeting Otis Contribution Guidelines. In 2009, 14 President's Awards winners supported the following worthy organizations.
American School for the Deaf
Asociación Española contra el Cáncer (Spanish Cancer Association)
Da Ying Chuan Primary School
Every Dollar Feeds Kids
Fondation Theodora
Hangzhou Jiubao Central Primary School
Jefferson Elementary School
Kaliningrad Emergency Hospital
Korean Society for the Cerebral Palsied
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
PIH Foundation
Ronald McDonald House
Shram Mandir
Special Olympics
Steps Leicestershire Conductive Education Centre

In addition, the United Technologies Volunteer Grant Program recognizes and encourages employee volunteer activities by contributing to specific organizations in which employees are involved.