The Way to Green is about our commitment to continually move our company and our customers forward. At Otis, The Way to Green begins with Green thinking on a global scale. We encourage and enable our more than 60,000 employees worldwide to address the future positively and proactively. It is all a part of our end-to-end commitment to incorporating environmental awareness into everything we do.

Greener products

Reduced energy, enhanced performance. Our elevators, escalators and moving walkways incorporate smarter, green technologies to save energy and operating costs.


Green processes for green products. At Otis, we manufacture our wide range of green solutions in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Greener operations worldwide

Precise measurement, continual improvement. We are always working to reduce our environmental impact worldwide, from our water and energy consumption to greenhouse gas emissions.


Expert service, optimal performance. We deliver the maintenance services needed for reliable and efficient equipment performance.


Customized solutions, exceptional results. We combine our expertise with innovative solutions to green existing properties for improved performance and reduced energy consumption.