Natural Leadership

At Otis, leadership is something that comes naturally. It began when Elisha Otis changed the world by selling the first elevators with safety brakes in 1853. With Elisha’s legacy as a backdrop, Otis has grown into the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. And along the way, we’ve kept our focus forward, looking to sustainability, efficiency and preserving resources for future generations as guiding principles for everything we do.

Our leadership is evident across every aspect of our business, from products that reduce energy consumption while enhancing reliability and ride quality, to green factories, including the world’s first LEED® certified elevator factory, to manufacturing processes and operations streamlined for reduced environmental impact.

Leadership is also a hallmark of our proud, more than 160-year legacy. We created the first escalator, the first gearless elevator, the first automatic elevator without an operator, the first double deck elevator, and we even opened the first elevator service call center. We also revolutionized the industry with our Gen2® elevator system, the first to use flat, coated steel belts to lift an elevator car, and the first major breakthrough in lifting technology in nearly 150 years.

Leadership means more than being first. So we focus on consistently getting better. We innovate. We set more aggressive goals. We adapt and change to move our customers and company forward. We grow and collaborate. We help drive the green building movement and advance new conversations that will make the world a better place.

As leaders, we improve who we are and what we do each and every day. To us, it’s only natural.

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council®