Otis Service™ knows movement is the very heart of urban life. Your building is part of that life, and its elevators and escalators are vital systems. Without them, life in your building slows or even stops– and our job, our responsibility, is to keep it beating. Everything we do is dedicated to just one thing. Keeping you moving.

We do it with local service on a global scale. We’re there when you need us, with the largest network of technicians, and more than 160 years’ experience

That’s why, from the experience and training of our people to our innovative tools and global resources, our entire workforce is dedicated to keeping you moving.

We enable maximum productivity by ensuring your equipment is performing at its absolute best.

Our focus on exceeding expectations empowers our dedicated employees to deliver service excellence.

We continually improve ourselves and our products, and strive to make your passengers next ride better than their last.

We are the world’s local service provider and a leader in safety and reliability.

Here are some of the ways we put service first for our customers.

Otis Maintenance Solutions

The reliability and efficiency of your elevator system ultimately depends upon the maintenance programs you choose. Regardless of your elevator's manufacturer, genuine Otis maintenance offers the predictability of the industry's only standardized work processes, the best trained people, the most reliable parts and the most advanced tools.

The best elevator in the world is only as good as its service and support systems. That's why Otis' maintenance program remains consistent, measurable and innovative.

OTISLINE® Communications Center
No matter where they are in the world, Otis customers can call OTISLINE service when they have an elevator or escalator problem. Within minutes, a customer service representative can have a mechanic on the way to their building. More than 1,000 trained service professionals are on call to ensure a prompt, professional response.

REM® Remote Elevator Monitoring
Otis developed the REM system to optimize elevator performance and minimize elevator downtime. It is a sophisticated interconnected system of sensors, monitors, circuits, hardware and software to collect, record, analyze and communicate data about elevator operations 24/7. If the REM system detects a problem, it analyzes and diagnoses the cause and location, then makes the service call and helps an Otis mechanic identify the component causing the problem. Elevators are often back in service before owners or tenants even know there is a problem.
Elite Service

Otis Elite service is our customer-focused priority service program and offers customers guaranteed uptime, faster response times and improved visibility of service actions.


At your desk or on-the-go, Otis eService provides building owners and managers with around-the-clock access to critical elevator equipment and service information. Customers can view the performance dashboard, check maintenance details or place a service call quickly and easily. And now, you can access eService at your desk or on your mobile device.