Though elevators have been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t until Elisha G. Otis invented the world’s first safety brake in 1852 that elevators became a safe, reliable mode of transportation.

At Otis, we are always seeking new ideas and solutions to help
improve the passenger experience and constantly improve how we move people
from place to place. Today, we are committed to
innovation for our customers. We always want to be better, safer,
greener and more efficient.

Since the inception of the company more than 160 years ago, Otis has built a legacy of company and industry firsts.

Innovation at Otis is the foundation of everything we do – both in products and services. As we entered the new millennium Otis once again transformed the industry through the introduction of a revolutionary new technology: the flat, polyurethane-coated steel belt. Used both to lift the elevator car and provide traction, the belts replaced steel cables, which had been the industry standard for more than a century. This Gen2® belt technology also helped improve energy efficiency, made the ride smoother and eliminated the need for a machine room. It became the fastest-selling product in Otis’ history!

As the world’s largest service provider for elevators, escalators and moving walkways, we are committed to making service to our customers easier, faster, safer and convenient. Otis is a pioneer in mobile management. We created the first Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM®) system. And, the first product – eService - to allow elevator owners and operators to track the performance of their equipment and log service requests from their computers.