Gain practical experience in a professional environment. In some countries, Otis offers promising students internship positions in a number of disciplines and locations. Past opportunities have included:
• Industrial engineering
• Communications
• Human resources
• Electrical engineering
• Sourcing and logistics
• Finance
• Manufacturing
• Marketing
• Mechanical engineering
• Sales
• Field management

Internship Programs
Otis internship programs offer valuable professional on-the-job experience, paired with a competitive salary. You’ll receive assignments that sharpen your business skills, and regular performance evaluations to track your growth.

Students are selected for internship programs based on their credentials, interviews and the availability of suitable openings.

The Otis Cooperative Education Program
Otis also offers cooperative education programs in some countries. Students in these programs can explore career options while continuing with their class schedules. This hands-on, practical experience can help you choose a specific career direction while you’re still in school.