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Enjoy the benefits of a new elevator without the expense. Modernization makes an elevator safer, more efficient and more attractive. As a result, the building itself gains a more modern image and inherently more value. The riders’ experience improves as well, through reduced waiting time, better comfort and improved reliability — all leading to increased confidence and greater peace of mind.
Otis' Modernisation & Repair programmes enable you to invest in the long term performance of your building. Using our wide range of specifically designed products and our unrivalled experience we can provide you with an advanced upgrade solution with minimum impact on your buildings day to day operation.

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When is it time to modernize?

It’s time to consider modernisation or repair when…

  • The performance of your lift is becoming unreliable.
  • Passengers and building users complain about lift waiting time.
  • Queues forming in lobby areas.
  • Your maintenance regime continually highlights areas that require attention.
  • Your buildings insurance inspector is calling for increasing tests on your unit.
  • Parts are no longer commercially available.
  • Building is being refurbished.
  • The visual appearance is not inline with building aesthetics.
  • The building’s use has changed since the lift was first installed.

Compass™ Destination Entry

Personalized elevator service that improves the flow of building traffic

EMS Panorama™ System

This Web-based management system offers comprehensive, real-time data that shows building managers the full picture


Full Modernisation enables you to benefit from a new lift installation, whether this means a complete replacement of all lift components or the supply of a complete new lift.

Key Component Modernisation focuses on the most important elements of your lift such as Controllers, Door Operators, Machines and other associated components which when renewed can significantly increase the life span of your lift. In Otis we call this UpLift.

Repairs & Upgrades provides the customer with quick, simple, easy and efficient upgrades to replace worn out components or remedy safety/performance concerns.

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