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Otis’ cylinder and sealed PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cylinder protection can substantially reduce the risks of corrosion. PVC protection surrounds your in-ground cylinder and helps to prevent environmental contamination and personal injury.
Safety Code Requires Changes
The ASME/ANSI A17.1-2000 elevator safety code requires that you update the single-bottom system with increased protection against potential catastrophic failures. Replacement with a double-bottom cylinder minimizes serious safety and environmental risks.

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Program
Otis offers Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement for single- and double-bottom cylinders. Under the Otis Replacement program, your existing cylinder is replaced with an entirely new cylinder with sealed PVC protection.

Sealed PVC protection surrounds the wall and bottom of your in-ground cylinder and is sealed at the cylinder head. Its durable, non-corrosible material helps protect the in-ground cylinder beyond current code requirements.
Planning Information Single Bottom Cylinder Replacement
 Single Bottom Cylinder Replacement
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