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Safety and reliability have been Otis’ foremost concerns since our company’s earliest days.

Today, Otis has excellent safety records in the vertical transportation industry. We work constantly to improve the safety of existing products and develop safer technologies for new products. Otis emphasizes a corporate policy of “safety first” and implements standardized procedures to ensure that every installation and service task is performed the safest way, every time.
Otis products undergo stringent quality and safety testing at our testing facilities around the world.

We operate one of the world’s tallest elevator test towers in Shibayama, Japan. This test tower stands 505 feet (154 meters) above ground and 89 feet (27 meters) below ground.

The Bristol Research Center in Bristol, Conn., United States, is home to the Otis Quality Assurance Center and Otis’ tallest elevator test tower—383 feet (117 meters) high.
In China, Otis has sustained its pursuit of safety. Otis has passed ISO9001 in 1993 ahead of other companies in elevator industry.

Meanwhile, Otis has implemented ACE (Acquire Competitive Excellence) to enhance its management.

Located in Tianjin, Otis China test tower is 114.7 meters high, having 31 floors, with 7 hoistways. The test tower can do test of elevators whose speed can soar to 10m/s.
Passport to Quality

To ensure that our tradition of quality continues, Otis employs a rigorous Product Development Process (PDP). Every new product receives its own “Passport” to the marketplace. With Passport, the entire team—from project managers to senior executives—signs off on product quality each step of the way. All major components are tested under the strict supervision of our engineers to ensure a 20-year life expectancy between overhauls.

We perform more than 20 advanced tests on every piece of Otis equipment, including tests that mimic worst-case operating conditions and ones that simulate the rough ride our products might have during the journey from Otis facilities to installation sites worldwide.

Be a Safe Rider

As you use elevators escalators and moving walkways day-to-day, make every trip a safe one.

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