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This is a statement concerning the steps Otis Limited (“Otis”) is taking to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of our business and in any part of our supply chains during the financial year ending 30 November 2016.

Otis is a leading installer and maintainer of lifts, escalators and moving walkways in the UK and Ireland, with affiliated companies around the world. We are part of the Otis unit of United Technologies Corporation (“UTC”).

Otis complies with the UTC Code of Ethics, which includes commitments to good citizenship and in particular that UTC does not use child or forced labour. For its employees worldwide, UTC assures safe and healthy work environments, based on the more stringent of U.S. standards, local standards or UTC policies. Other sections of the Code, which is shared with all employees, affirm that all UTC companies obey applicable laws, do not discriminate in personnel practices and act with integrity in all our business relationships.

Otis retains relationships with numerous organisations in our supply chain, including a number of Otis group companies in the European Union and elsewhere. We need suppliers who meet high standards for business practices, environmental responsibility and operational excellence. Accordingly, we require our suppliers to meet our expectations for ethics and compliance as set out in the UTC Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Supplier Code”). This is designed to ensure that all of our suppliers meet the same standards that UTC expects of its employees globally.

The Supplier Code requires suppliers to ensure that child labour is not used in the performance of their work, whether or not related to our business. It also requires suppliers to comply with laws and regulations prohibiting human trafficking. This includes prohibiting the use of forced, bonded or indentured labour, involuntary prison labour, slavery or trafficking of persons. Our suppliers are also required to treat their existing and prospective employees and business partners fairly, on merit and without discrimination.

UTC, including Otis, expects its employees and others to report actual or alleged failures to meet the standards set out in the UTC Code of Ethics. There are a number of reporting channels for employees and business partners (including suppliers) to raise legal or ethical issues or concerns, without fear of retaliation, including opportunities for anonymous reporting via an Ombudsman programme. An annual certification required of all salaried employees worldwide includes a requirement to certify adherence to UTC’s Code of Ethics.

Otis makes training available to company management, employees and certain third parties regarding human trafficking and slavery issues. Those with direct responsibility for supply chain management are being introduced to this training to assist them to recognise and mitigate relevant risks.

Otis has robust selection and administration criteria for its direct suppliers, and is developing an enhanced audit regime for its major suppliers.

We trust this statement provides sufficient information of our current policy and activities.

Robert Sadler
Director, Legal
Otis Limited
July 2016
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