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In 2000, the Gen2® lift system – an innovation developed and patented by Otis – radically changed the lift industry by replacing the conventional traction steel rope with a flexible polyurethane-coated steel belt. The advantages of Gen2® technology are available for a wide variety of building applications from low-rise residential to high rise.

The belt is just 3 mm thick, yet it is stronger than conventional steel cables. It lasts up to three times longer and has enabled Otis to completely re-invent the lift.

The flat, coated-steel belt eliminates the metal-to-metal effect of conventional systems. Coupled with a smooth-surface crowned machine sheave, the result is exceptionally quiet operation and superior ride comfort.

Furthermore, the flexible flat belt enables a more compact, energy-efficient machine, which can be contained in the hoistway. This reduces building and system operating costs, and frees up valuable space.

The belt and the gearless machine, with its permanently sealed bearings, do not require any additional lubrication so the Gen2® system is cleaner for the environment. The highly efficient gearless machine with its permanent-magnet synchronous motor reduces power consumption by as much as 50 percent compared to conventional geared machines.

Long-lasting flat belts, smooth, crowned sheaves and minimal moving parts in the gearless machine dramatically reduce wear and increase durability and efficiency. To further enhance reliability and safety, Otis developed the Pulse™ system, which continually monitors the status of the belts’ steel cords. Unlike visual inspections of conventional steel ropes, the Pulse™ system automatically detects and reports belt faults to maintenance personnel for rapid response, providing owners with greater peace of mind.
The electrical resistance of each cord is proportional to its cross-sectional area, which provides a means of measuring the remaining service life. The Pulse™ system constantly monitors these resistances to determine when the belts need replacing
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