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Alex Lampe, Assistant Operations Manager, London

Which three words best describe Otis?

  • Innovative
  • Opportunity
  • United

  • I joined Otis after graduating from university 18 months ago. The opportunity to work in the Field Operations Department (FOD), as someone new to the industry, offered a great opportunity to understand the business and build an extensive network of contacts, which provides an invaluable foundation. In addition the position offered a balance between genuine responsibility from day one and the necessary support to develop within the role. The passion and enthusiasm for the company portrayed by the Otis employees during the recruitment process was another key factor in the decision to pursue my interest in Otis.

    I joined Otis as an Industrial Field Engineer, as part of the Field Engineering Department. During the role I worked on projects involving driving efficiencies and cost savings in our tooling processes and the implementation of new Working at Height methods and equipment to the New Equipment business. Since then, keeping the same job title, I joined the Service FOD team. The role of the department is to provide support and guidance to the Service Operations team and to review the Service delivery results, as a result the position provided exposure to all aspects of the Service Operation. I have recently joined the London Service Operations team as Assistant Operations Manager for London, which is an exciting opportunity for me to develop further.

    To support my development, I have attended the Otis Leadership Development Program, which I took a number of skills and knowledge from which I now regularly use in my day to day work, I can’t recommend this highly enough. The support received from my colleagues since joining Otis has been first class, everyone is always willing to help and answer questions (which there have been a lot!) and what makes coming to work so enjoyable is that each day is different with a different set of challenges. Looking to the future, I am ambitious and keen to take each opportunity as it presents itself, whilst remaining focused on delivering results in my new role and to continue to learn each and every day I come to work. I enjoy the diversity and responsibility of my role, each day is different, providing new and exciting challenges. As a result I have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of people in my short time with Otis, which in turn has enhanced my learning and development.
    Kiona Wan, Service Delivery Supervisor, Customer Care Centre (CCC)

    Which three words best describe Otis?

  • Dynamic
  • Diverse
  • Developing

  • I applied to Otis after graduating from university as I wanted a stop gap before I went travelling. My first role, which I did for 18 months, was as an RMS Estimator, processing quotes for and booking chargeable repair work. 3 ½ years ago when I returned from my travels I’d enjoyed my time at Otis so much that I reapplied for work and I haven’t looked back since! I came back doing the same role that I left, however since then I have had subsequent roles of RMS Team Leader and Service Delivery Supervisor.

    My current role involves managing a team of Service Delivery Co-ordinators who ensure that our key customers have one main point of contact for all their enquiries. Some of my tasks include answering customer calls and dealing with queries, updating customer websites with our performance data and devising reports to support the service delivery to our customer, but I wouldn’t really say there is a typical day! The best things about my current role are the problem solving and the buzz that I get when we provide excellent customer service.

    In order to support my development I’ve been on a number of internal courses including Team Leader training and Service Excellence Training and I am also being supported by the Employee Scholar Programme to complete a Professional Certificate in Management. I’m sure that if I continue to contribute to achieving the company goals and demonstrate the Otis values then the future will hold whatever I want it to.

    I enjoy working at Otis because everyday is different, I have great colleagues and I am challenged and supported both in my day-to-day work but also when looking at my development.
    Pete Allen, New Equipment Project Manager, Central & Southern Region
    Which three words best describe Otis?

  • All safe

  • Leaders

  • Opportunity

  • I’ve worked for Otis for 5 years and my first role was as an OtisLine Operator taking incoming calls from customers to report lift break downs. I had applied to Otis as I wanted to get my foot in the door of a big company which would give me the opportunity to work my way up.

    Following my first role I have had several roles including Resource Controller (dispatching calls to service mechanics), REM Administrator (the administration of the Remote Elevator Monitoring), Project Support Leader (managing the online software that allows Project Managers to manage the delivery of the lift to a construction site), leading to my current role of Project Manager. My current role involves me managing the installation of new lifts into new buildings and as part of that I am responsible for the day to day management of a team of Installation Mechanics. Although there is no typical day, some of my tasks include checking construction sites for readiness to install the lift, visiting live sites where the installation is in progress and working on contractual issues. I’ve received a good amount of training and support to help me progress including internal courses surrounding the specifics of how a lift works and some of the regulations and legislation surrounding the industry. I have also been on external programmes to help improve my presentation skills and soon I will be participating in a Leadership Development Programme. In the future I would like to be in either a regional management role or a national support role within the Field Operations Department (FOD).

    The best thing about working at Otis is the variety of challenges that occur every day and the feelings of satisfaction when we complete a good job for a customer. The culture of Otis is very much focussed on getting the job done in a positive working environment, working with positive people. During my time at Otis I’ve seen that there are many opportunities to grow, as there are many different roles within the organisation and lots of different departments that require lots of different skill sets. I’ve also found that the people are all willing and ready to help support your development whenever you need them to.
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