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Otis 506 NCE Escalator (Commercial)

An escalator that is designed for a commercial environment has to be designed to satisfy certain commercial criteria. It has to be economical, it has to be quiet and its ride has to be smooth. The Otis 506 NCE is such an escalator designed for commercial purposes. It can be installed into department stores, shopping centres, hotels and office buildings.

The Otis NCE offers the highest degree in user-safety in its day to day operation and complies with the highest safety standards worldwide. Step rigidity is assured through the one-piece, die-cast aluminium step and, critically, the gap between the step and the skirting is not only constant but less than that specified by EN115. Indeed, concerning safety, the Otis 506 NCE not only meets the requirements of EN115 but, in most areas, exceeds these requirements. To facilitate flexible design, there are various angles of inclination available (30°/35°) along with steps widths (600mm, 800mm, 1000mm).

Comfort and reliability are inextricably linked to the quality of components and the expertise of their assembly. In both respects we set ourselves uncompromising standards. With the Otis 506 NCE, every step is measured and rigorous assembly controls are implemented which compare each operation against a strict tolerance level.


It is the sheer number of design options which allows the Otis 506 NCE to be so individual. In turn this means it can effortlessly adapt itself to a building’s interior.

  • Bright handrails with a lacquered-effect finish can be chosen in any specified colour.

  • Balustrades are in clear glass with smoked, bronze and green as options.

  • Exterior truss claddings are available in a wide range of finishes such as mirror, stainless steel and marble.

  • Continuous and intermittent skirt lighting is optional. So too is under step lighting at embarkation and disembarkation points.

  • Unique elongated newels make the escalator more elegant and safer.

    It is in fact this dual role of combining the aesthetic with the functional which demonstrates the thinking behind the design of the Otis 506 NCE.

    Otis 513 NPE (Public use)

    The Otis 513 NPE is an escalator design for public areas with heavy traffic, such as public transport and airports and sets the benchmark in matters of robustness, reliability, availability and endurance.

    The Otis 513 NPE provides the best possible user safety for day to day operation.
    Otis 506 NCE Escalator.
    Otis 513 NPE Escalator
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