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GeN2 in Modernisation

Lifts almost always outlive any other building system. However there comes a time when all building systems have to be replaced.

Our experience and expertise in Modernisation along with the practicality of our market leading GeN2 product means that we can offer innovative solution whatever the requirement.

Our initial investigations will be to establish as to whether a brand new GeN2 can be installed, this includes Otis taking responsibility for all building interface issues. Our works will minimise impact on your daily operation whilst providing you with your new lift.

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If the installation of a brand new lift is not possible, our investigations will then look into installing our revolutionary GeN2 MOD system. The GeN2 MOD utilises the core components of our GeN2 units and interfaces them onto your existing equipment. The scope of GeN2 MOD can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your building.

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Traditional Modernisation

For applications where a GeN2 solution is unable to meet the building performance requirements, we will use our vast engineering expertise to design a modernisation solution around traditional Otis modernisation methods.
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