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Gen2® Premier

The Gen2® Premier system combines 21st century technology and materials with modern objectives including energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, passenger safety and comfort, increased usable space, streamlined architectural profiles and time saving installation.

The Otis Gen2® Premier incorporates the latest major breakthrough in lift technology - flexible, polyurethane-coated steel belts replace the conventional steel cables.

Combined with the equally innovative concept of smaller, energy saving machines, and the low noise controller and drive, this radical innovation produces a state of the art lift system.

The Gen2® Premier system represents more than a collection of new components. It is an imaginative re-invention of the most basic assumptions governing vertical transportation. The result is a completely revolutionary system - one that takes lift technology to its next level.

The Gen2® Premier can be produced with speeds of up to 2.5m/s, loads from 630-2500kg and a maximum rise of 90m.

Gen2® Lux

The Gen2® Lux lift system offers the quality ride of the original Gen2® System with added high-speed capacity. The energy-efficient gearless permanent magnet (PM) machine is isolated and has its own Mini-Machine Room Compartment to provide an exceptionally quiet and comfortable ride.

The Gen2® Lux can be produced with speeds of up 2.5m/s, loads from 800-1600Kg and a maximum rise of 150m
Gen2® Premier
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