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Quality makes Otis a trusted name. For more than 150 years, quality has made Otis the most trusted name in the industry. Our customers expect Otis equipment to perform for the life of their buildings, and delivering that level of quality requires steadfast dedication.
Every Otis employee plays a role in maintaining the quality our customers expect. Through our rigorous ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) programme, our employees strive for better quality every day.

ACE uses the tools of continuous improvement methodology to improve productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. With ACE, every function at Otis, from engineering to sales and service, measures its performance and sets goals for improvement.

We’re relentless about improving our performance. We create empowered teams of employees who never stop listening to customers. When those teams find a solution, it’s implemented quickly—and shared with others. At Otis, we never stop looking for a better way.
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