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What is REM®?
REM® is an advanced diagnostic and communication system with elements installed in the lift machine room and, for some installations, on top of the car and in the hoist way. It is connected to Otisline® via a modem and a telephone line. The REM® collects, records and analyses lift performance and safety data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and communicates that information to Otisline®.

When REM® detects a problem it places a service call to Otisline®. An Otisline® representative then dispatches a service technician who receives a thorough diagnosis from the REM®. The technician arrives at the building with the proper tools and parts prepared to address the problem rapidly.

REM® provides a 24-hour voice link from the lift car and Otisline® which is a code requirement in many countries. Building owners can establish the connection between Otisline® or another location.

The Primary Functions of REM®
  • Detecting trapped passengers

  • Collecting lift performance data

  • Communicating lift performance data to Otisline®

  • Performing diagnostics

  • Providing information for customer reports on lift system performance

  • Establishing a voice link from the lift car to the Otisline® or another manned location.
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