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The world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways
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Otis offers a comprehensive line of elevator choices designed to meet vertical transportation needs of every type and design.


For buildings up to 20-40 meters


For buildings up to 150 meters


For buildings >150 meters

Machine-Roomless Space-saving solutions




Compass™ Destination Entry

Personalized elevator service that improves the flow of building traffic

EMS Panorama™ System

This Web-based management system offers comprehensive, real-time data that shows building managers the full picture

Architect’s Assistant

Tools to help plan your project

The Planning Guide allows you to select a suitable product for your project in an easy 3-step process. As well as the easy product selector, other features of this tool include catalogue layouts in AutoCad and PDF format, allowing you to easily integrate the dimension on your next project design.

ReGen™ Drives

Our ReGen drives actually return energy to a building’s electrical grid for reuse

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