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FOVF series freight elevator is an matured product , which absorbs OTIS advanced design technology and can be widely used for vertical transportation occasions such as warehouse, factories, vehicle transportation(car lift) transportation center, etc. It conforms the EN81 code and fully complies with the OTIS safety standard- WWJSSS, which is fulfilled worldwide to satisfy the OTIS’ principle- Safety First.
Traction Machine
The robust traction machine is designed according to the needs of the vertical transportation, and can fully meet the requirement of all kinds of loadings.
FOVF cargo lifts fully adopts Otis micro-processor based VVVF control system to get a perfect combination with the traction machine and variable-frequency technology.
Precise Control System
The Vector closed loop control and serial communication technology can cater for the demands of dynamic adjustment to ensure the elevator operate stably and precisely, inevitably promote the overall riding quality.
The special optimized graph speed curve generated by Otis control system makes FOVF run more stably in acceleration as well as deceleration.
BRDS Door System
A Motor B Belt Wheel

C Controller D Drive Arm

Door opening Design
FOVF equips with the door operator specially designed for cargo lifts to satisfy the wide range opening size for varied conditions. The standard door opening type is two-panel side-sliding opening or four-panel center opening based on different the different car size.
Door Protection Device
The CEDES door protection device adopts the matured European technology to comply with the high safety standard. It offers a broad entrance detection area and gives a prompt response on any passenger or goods(or vehicle ) coming into its detection area.
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