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Otis’ Gen2™Premier system is the elevator reimagined to its very core. The Gen2 combines the latest technologies and materials to achieve 21st century objectives: energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, passenger safety, increased usable space, time-saving installation and design flexibility.
Original Hoisting Technology
The hallmark of the Gen2™ is its entirely original hoisting technology - lightweight, flexible reinforced steel belts, enveloped in a tough polyurethane jacket that improves traction and requires no lubrication. Yet their superior flexibility allows the belts to bend around smaller diameter sheaves, resulting in more efficient transfer of power from the machine to the car.
Flat belts also have more surface area at the point of contact, which significantly reduces noise and wear on the sheave.
Product Details
quiet performance
The Gen2 system replaces conventional steel ropes with flat, polyurethane-coated steel belts. The unique, patented flat-belt drive technology virtually eliminates vibration, providing passengers a smooth, quiet ride.
Compact and Energy-Efficient Gearless MachineThanks to the coated steel belts, the machine takes up only 30 per cent of the space of a conventional geared machine.
The low-inertia gearless machine with sealed-for-life bearings requires no additional oil or polluting lubricants, making it environmentally friendly to operate.
Reliability and efficiency is also enhanced by use of a maintenance-free disc brake. The Gen2 is one of the most efficient and cost-effective elevators to operate.
Rapid installationThe system is up to 50 percent more energy efficient than conventional systems, enabling developers and owners to manage the building more economically as well as benefits from lower building costs.
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