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Enter and leave your lift with ease and safety

Lambda is a door detector specially designed by Otis to ensure maximum passenger comfort and safety. It covers the full range of lift types.

What's more, Lambda enhances the reliability of your lift by eliminating the shocks encountered when the door panels strike an obstacle.

Lambda 3D
A screen of infra-red beams acts as an invisible safety curtain across the door entrance. When an obstacle breaks this screen, the sensitive Lambda system detects it and immediately makes the doors retract.

Two system
  • A proven reliable system, Lambda 2D offers safe and comprehensive coverage with the curtain of beams extending from 25mm to 1800mm above the entrance sill.
  • Lambda 3D has been conceived for prestige buildings and buildings with high traffic. It incorporates 14 supplementary infra-red beams allowing a sweep of 800mm in front of the door so ensuring three dimensional security. It is not however suitable for fitting on glass doors.

Transmitter and receiver detail
First and foremost, Lambda protects passengers from being struck by the doors.

It is designed to perform efficiently in a dusty environment and is also unaffected by light. MOreover the sensing devices are prepositioned in such a way as to avoid not only inadvertent knocks but also international acts of vandalism.

Reliability Infra-red technology controlled by intelligent microprocessors provides the key to Lambda's outstanding reliability.

The beams themselves are automatically checked to ensure accurate functioning.
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