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Specially designed for the modernization market, the DO 2000M and HSDS door operators are equally suitable for automatic central-opening and side-opening doors.
Three technological innovations account for their exceptional performance and their high level of passenger comfort: a variable frequency motion control a toothed belt transmission mechanism and an extremely precise adjustment facility.

The choice of two units means there is always an operator type suited to a building's particular requirements.

DO 2000M has been designed for buildings with an average traffic flow and for doors with entrance widths from 700 to 1300mm.

The HSDS operator is designed for installations with heavier traffic and with entrances of 800 to 1300mm.
The use of a variable frequency, closed loop system means DO 2000M and HSDS possess a remarkable adjustment flexibility so they operate both efficiently and intelligently
AS traffic conditions change, the system automatically selects different speed profiles so as to maximize performance. By being able to reduce the time required for the opening and closing of the doors, traffic flow can be quickened and waiting time reduced. The system is aided by the encoder which controls the position of the doors at any given moment. This allows for smooth and accurate door operation the robust toothed belt mechanism ensures the reliable functioning of the operator by eliminating the problem of steel cable 'stretching' and mechanical 'play' which can occur with conventional operators.
A result of customer surveys has been to ensure that the door opening and closing times governed by these door operators can be adjusted by our technicians in a matter of minutes
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