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Lambda II
is a door detector specially Designed by Otis for medium and high range door systems to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers.
In effect, a screen of infra-red beams acts as a safety curtain across the door entrance.
If one of the beams is broken, the doors immediately stop and then retract without contact, both smoothly and quietly


Lambda lI conforms to the EU Commission recommendation No 95/21 61EC.
Fast and precise operationThe multiple beam arrangement together with the high scanning frequency means that Lambda lI is sensitive and alert enough to detect even the smallest obstacle.
Anti-vandal designAlso important is that, coupled with the DO 2000 door operator, the system improves the overall performance of the elevator. Special attention has been given to the location of the sensing devices of Lambda II. In fact they are positioned in such a way as to avoid not only in advertent knocks but also possible acts of vandalism.
Exceptional reliabilityInfra-red technology, allied to an intelligent microprocessor control provides the key to Lambda IC's outstanding reliability.
What's more, it is designed to perform efficiently in a dusty environment and within a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity
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