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LIBERA is an automatic rescue device that comes into operation when an elevator goes out of service. It works when there is a failure in the electrical power supply, or with breakdowns that do not affect the elevator safety chain. The car is moved to the nearest landing and the doors are opened to release the passengers without incident. The elevator will continue in normal operation once the electrical power supply is restored
LIBERA can be installed in any traction elevator with a maximum power of 9 Kw and a maximum distance between landings of 4 meters.
It is usually located in the elevator machine room but it can be installed at any point within the hoist way environment.
The energy needed to make a rescue trip is provided by a set of batteries maintained by a sophisticated module of a "recharge and check type incorporated into the LIBERA system to guarantee its perfect functioning.


Safety Avoids passengers being trapped in the event of a supply is reconnected. power failure or with breakdowns that do not affect LIBERA replaces a costly auxiliary power generator the elevator safety chain. when this is compulsory by law. System makes a thorough check of the elevator status, rescuing passengers with absolute safety.
Reliability Works automatically without requiring the presence of specialized personnel Avoids the risk of inexperienced personnel attempting to rescue trapped passengers which could cause damage to the elevator or even jeopardize passenger safety
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