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MCS 120

  • MCS 120 is a remarkably flexible modular control system in that it has the capacity to meet every building's requirement - from the low to medium rise.
  • Consisting of a microprocessor-based operational control linked to a hydraulic motion control, it is available with two valve arrangements.
  • The solenoid valve offers a speed up to 0,63 m/s - ideal for low rise, low traffic installations - and is at once an intelligent and cost-effective solution.
  • . The highly sophisticated controlled valve, on the other hand, with a speed of up to 1,00 m/s, is conceived for medium rise, medium traffic installations.
  • . MCS 120 makes real-time computations on car and hall calls, car position, running direction and load.
  • . It then immediately determines car starts and stops and the allocation of car and hall calls.
Proven reliabilityReliability is achieved through a combination of factors:
  • microprocessor technology which minimizes the number of moving mechanical parts.
  • the remote serial link communication with Otis' customized integrated circuits which reduces the number of wires and connections between the operational controller and the electrical fixtures.
  • comprehensive and rigorous pie-testing controls.
  • Otis' policy of manufacturing their own components allied to highly automated production procedures.
Microprocessor flexibilityAn undoubted advantage oi microprocessor technology is its facility for adapting to changing installation requirements.
Quiet operationImproved sound insulation has been achieved by the selection of special components and soundproof cabinets which
Interface capabilityMCS 120 can be conveniently interfaced with optimal elevator services such as REM (Remote Elevator Monitoring).
Improved maintenance
The provision of a sell diagnostic tool facilitates maintenance and allows the elevator to be checked without it being taken
Load 320 kg to 1 000 kg
Speed up to 1 m/s
Stops 8 maximum
Solenoid valve up to 0,63 m/s
Controlled valve up to 1 m/s
Operation SAPB-DCL-FCL. 1 or 2 cars
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