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MCS 321

Designed for both simplex and group systems, MCS 321 uses a new generation of microprocessor controllers to provide optimum passenger response. For up to eight car groups, a modular system structure has been created with specially developed 'ring' concept electronic architecture and high speed serial link data transmission.
MCS 321, combined with Otis' VF state-of the- art digital variable frequency drive control, ensures accurate and consistent operation for speeds of 1,6 to 2,5 m/s and for car capacities of up to 21 persons.
The drive and motion control system is the heart of an elevator. It must respond accurately and efficiently to passengers' demands and transport passenger quickly and smoothly with consistent reliability.
This is achieved with the Otis VF drive which is based on digital variable frequency technology.
In VF systems, the voltage and frequency of the AC power supplied to an elevator drive is varied, using pulse width modulation. The voltage and frequency parameters of the supply to the drive are adjusted in real-time to ensure that the optimum torque is obtained from the drive motor at all points in the designed speed profiles.
This gives total control of car motion, regardless of load, and maximizes drive performance and efficiency.
Controlled variable voltage-variable frequency AC supply is obtained by first rectifying normal mains AC power to DC. Power transistor circuits are then used to invert the DC to a controllable AC supply. . The subsequent frequency applied to a drive system is then determined by data from the motion control logic and motor current feedback. . Distance- based speed control ensures consistent speed profiles with optimum ride quality irrespective of load.
Proven reliabilityReliability is achieved through various factors:
  • microprocessor technology which minimizes the number of moving mechanical parts
  • the remote serial link communication with Otis' customized integrated circuits which reduces the number of wires and connections between the operational controller and the electrical fixtures
  • comprehensive and rigorous pretesting controls
Microprocessor flexibilityAn undoubted advantage of microprocessor technology is the facility for adapting to changing installation requirements. A pre-programming feature offers ideal floor to floor speed curves specific to each installation.
Quiet operationimproved sound insulation has been achieved by using special components and by insulating the cabinets within the building. Besides being quieter, the machine room equipment remains cooler with no requirement for the installation of forced draught systems.
Interface capabilityMCS 321 can be conveniently interfaced with optional elevator services such as REM (Remote Elevator Monitoring) or EMS (Elevator Management System).
lmproved maintenanceThe provision of a self-diagnostic tool facilitates maintenance and allows the elevator to be checked without it being taken out of service.
Greater comfortConsistent smooth operation and deceleration ensures increased passenger comfort regardless of the load. Notable, also, is the accurate and reliable car leveling. It is generally within plus or minus 3 mm and is guaranteed to plus or minus 5mm under all load conditions.
Cost SavingsBuilding
Reduced starting and nominal line current results in, firstly, feeder size lines reduction and, secondly, smaller emergency power and transformer requirements.
The system results in reduced power consumption and uses a higher power factor (above 0,9).

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