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The OH5000 is a new product of XIZI OTIS, marking a milestone in gearless elevators. At present, the OH5000 leads the gearless elevator market in China, with high efficiency, space saving, environment protection and riding comfort.
Excellence of OH5000 gearless driver
High efficient and energy saving

A new gearless machine dramatically enhances efficiency and reduces

Environmental protection

Some special designs effectively protect passengers and environment

Compact machine and space saving

The smaller machine and space saving design bring more flexibility.

Riding comfort

Excellent machine and controlling system bring passengers a relaxing
The rare earth permanent magnet material ensures performance and lifetime
External-rotor greatly reduces machine size and weight, increases efficiency.
AC synchronous drive improves elevator start, brake and acceleration.


Without the traditional gear box, gearless system requires no
maintenance and lubrication to permit longer life time and
The special permanent sealed bearings of gearless machine
The OH5000 has already got the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) certificate with concern to prevent passengers
The OH5000 will be one of the wonderful parts of green building. With the OH5000, you will better enjoy the green world.
High efficient and energy savingr
The OH5000 is fitted with a highly efficient gearless machine

The rare earth permanent magnet material of gearless driver

The effect of energy-saving is remarkable

Reducing start-up current

Saving electricity

Improving driving efficiency

Lower heat-consumption of motor

Lower mechanical-energy consumption of machine

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