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The Otis SKY system is the latest in a long time of Otis products with these features, making it eminently suitable for use in a wide range of leading commercial and residential buildings.
At the heart of the OTIS SKY system are the new permanent magnet (PM) gearless machine and the latest generation Otis intelligent microprocessor controller.
These subsystems endow the Otis SKY system with high performance operation and superior ride quality, while requiring less maintenance and reduced energy consumption.
Extreme Comfort and Smooth – Optimized Speed ProfileThe whole rise of the elevator is monitored enabling car locations to precisely measure. Having attained this information the car is guided to the registered floor running at its optimum speed profile.
Excellent and Safe PerformanceOTIS SKY is designed with the Otis “Safety First” Concept, integrated door system, door protection system, safety and governor, to create a smooth and reliable riding environment for passengers.
Advanced Technology
The OTIS SKY is one of the first elevator systems to use a permanent magnetic gearless machine, in place of traditional worm gear arrangement with an induction motor.
The absence of frictional resistance from machine gears allows the Otis SKY system to economize on energy consumption costs and minimize overall environmental impact.

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