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The OTIS4000 series is represented by two models, the OTIS4100 and the OTIS4200. These two distinct models have been developed for two different markets. OTIS4100 is designed for and emerging gearless market typically characterized by low-cost high-rise residences and Grade B office buildings, and OTIS4200 is fit for a luxury market characterized by Grade A office buildings and apartments, luxury hotels and restaurants, high-level complex buildings and constructions for professional uses. These two models are differentiated components, ride quality, features, fixtures, and finishes.
Product Design
The OTIS4000 series is specifically engineered for the Asia-Pacific markets, and the strict requirements of customers in this region. The product was jointly developed by Otis Engineering Headquarters in Farmington, U.S.A. and Otis China Engineering Center.

By incorporating OTIS' proven world-class technologies, quality craftsmanship, and relentless drive to producing the safest transportation equipment in the world, the OTIS4000 series exceeds the general standards of excellence in the high-speed gearless market.

Product Specification The product specifications cover installation up to 160m rise with a speed range from 2.0 – 4.0m/s and a duty range from 900kg to 1800kg (Details are available in the Product Specifications).

The OTIS4000 series, with its excellence in operation, safety and decoration, is designed to satisfy the requirements of today's complex high-rise installation by offering a transportation system based on Otis' world-wide proven technologies in elevator design and production.

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