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The OTIS 606NCT(New Commercial Trav-O-Lator) is characterized by its features, which offer the maximum in safety, reliability and efficiency. OTIS 606NCT has been developed to meet customers' needs in a wide range of usage from department stores, shopping centers, supermarkets and some airport facilities. Suitable trolleys can be transported on this Trav-O-Lator, available on both inclined and horizontal versions.
The Otis 606 NCT is available in 3 configurations:
a) Horizontal with an inclination of 0° - 6°, standard DBE: 80 meters.
b) Compact - standard inclination 10° / 12°, Standard rise: Up to 6 meters.
c) Incline - standard inclination 10° / 12°, Standard rise: Up to 6 meters.

Safety is our priority: At OTIS, safety is our primary concern. The OTIS 606NCT has been designed with the latest safety features for the protection of the customer. OTIS escalators are designed with passenger safety in mind.
Codes: OTIS 606NCT meets most of the international standard codes, such as EN115, SAA, HK, GB.
The very low transition angle of the comb has been specially designed to guarantee the smooth and safe transport of shopping carts and trolleys. Suitable trolleys can be transported on both inclined and horizontal versions of the OTIS moving walkways.
The gap between the pallet and skirt panel is less than that required by global codes, minimum and constant gap ensure a safe ride.
The OTIS tapered handrail entry box is the safest ever designed. Its unique form ensures that nothing except the handrail itself can approach the critical zone, and the safety switch protects against casual interference. Solid steel skeleton to support shells and newel glass panel. The inner and outer decking shells are available in different materials and finishes
WWJSSS (OTIS World Wide Jobsite Safety Standard): Besides the code requirements, all OTIS escalator and Trav-O-lator products are additionally in accordance with this OTIS international requirement: WWJSSS. E.g. motor cover safety device, warning sign for high temperature, floor plate safety device, missing pallet device, etc.
Safety device: OTIS 606NCT equipped all safety devices as standard according to the EN115 code and OTIS WWJSSS to protect both passengers and workers, which makes this product one of the safest moving walkways in the world.
Product features:

Truss:The new truss is designed to incorporate high-quality cladding materials such as mirror, stainless steel, marble or other decorative panels. These may be mixed or matched as desired.
Balustrade:The stylish balustrade design has clear safety glass as standard, with smoked, bronze or green glass as color options.
Handrail:A spectrum of attractive handrail colors is available to blend with architectural schemes. The new linear drive system ensures that handrail appearance is maintained.
Energy saving:OTIS developed different power saving functions to help our customer to minimize the consumption of energy in different actual loading pattern, such as: Intermittent operation, Variable frequency technique and ETA plus function.
You can expect no less from OTIS – the originator of the escalator concept and indeed the name.
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