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Our 24-hour, centralized OTISLINE receives and documents customer problems, questions and issues; routes them to the right places for prompt service; and collects data that is used to improve Otis' design, manufacturing and maintenance procedures.

OTISLINE® provides competent workers, experienced technicians and/or engineers to respond to your call for service. This ensures a prompt response to your enquiry and efficient dispatch of an Otis technician when needed.

When you contact OTISLINE®, our operators will ask a few questions including your name, contact number, details of the building where the elevator or escalator is located and the nature of the problem.

Once this information is collected, Otis technicians and/or engineers will be promptly dispatched to your building.

OTISLINE - 24 hrs Emergency Service
Tel : 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM 2445503 or 2465263
Tel : 09:00 PM To 07:00 AM 4337315 or 9014314

Local Representative

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The Planning Guide allows you to select a suitable product for your project in an easy 3-step process. As well as the easy product selector, other features of this tool include catalogue layouts in AutoCad and PDF format, allowing you to easily integrate the dimension on your next project design.

Compass™ Destination Entry

Personalized elevator service that improves the flow of building traffic

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