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Proven performance in the heavy duty public escalator market

Purpose-designed for the public sector, the Otis 513 MPE embodies the three qualities essential for heavy duty escalator requirements. It is safe. It is robust. And it is reliable.

Built to resist
Being a public escalator, for both indoor and outdoor use, the Otis 513 MPE has been conceived to withstand the most punishing treatment. The build has been made especially sturdy and the materials used especially robust. In short, the Otis 513 MPE is vandal-resistant. Developed to withstand extremes of weather as well as to cope with particularly heavy traffic, the Otis 513 MPE has established an unsurpassed reputation for reliability.
Quality to rely onThis reliability is in part due to the escalator's advanced technology: the use, for example, of a microprocessor controller with a variable speed converter. A control panel checks the escalator in operation. And there are interfaces for remote monitoring and control. All these features conspire to extend the life-time of components even when confronted by heavy traffic demands. The result is, quite simply, optimum availability and low operation costs.
Focus on service
Optimum availability is also made possible by OTIS' sophisticated spare parts service network which issupported by highly trained service technicians. Sheer scale of our service operation means a faster response and superior availablilty.
User-friendlyThe oil tight-welded bottom plate of the truss together with superior-quality insulation permits the Otis 513 MPE to be regularly hose cleaned. What's more the oil separator collects and separates lubricants from the cleaning water.
Adapting to requirementsTo meet individual needs, the Otis 513 MPE can be equipped with sophisticated options such as the maintenance-free piezoelectric contact mat, halogen-free wiring and a non-lubricated chain. Automatic handrail tensioning can also be fitted.
Reliability through PassportPassport is a system which establishes strict checkpoints from planning and development through to manufacture and delivery. Involving both front-line and senior levels of OTIS management, it is a constant reminder that the quality of every escalator is paramount. It is a linchpin in our production and commercial strategy.
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