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The OTIS 513NPE(New Public Escalator) represents a new standard of escalators for heavy-duty traffic and customer satisfaction. The product, which is base on the use of step chain wheels inside the links covers the main sector of the public transportation markets, such as railway and bus stations, subway stations, exhibition halls, airports, pedestrian subways, over-passes and other public transportation centers. The 513NPE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
Design: Different balustrade designs allow optimal adaptations to the application and architecture. Based on a proven international OTIS design, the 513NPE will provide high degree of reliability and durability in the demanding, high traffic public transportation environment.
Safe-Comfort: The safety is optimized in the handrail entry and with the 1000mm high balustrades. The vandal resistant sound isolated sandwich design used for the interior panel and the step chain manufactured by OTIS guarantee low noise, reduced vibration and permits a comfortable and smooth ride.
Environment: Known as “The Clean Escalator” is a product developed especially to comply with today’s environmental requirement, the combination of high-class insulation for electrical components with protection of the material parts, the specific design of the balustrade and the tight welded bottom plate of the truss, allows the 513NPE to be regularly cleaned with a water hose. The oil separator collects and separates lubricants from the cleaning water.

Reliability and availability: OTIS 513NPE’s advanced technology such as the microprocessor controller with variable speed converter, control panel to check the actual working conditions, interfaces for remote monitoring and control-corresponds to customer’s requirements for safer operation, extended life time of components, even when facing heavy duty traffic, optimum availability and low operation cost requirements.
OTIS 513NPE – The new standard of escalators for heavy traffic – robust, reliable, environment and service friendly.

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