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OTIS LINK, A Landmark in Design
The OTIS LINK escalator, with its modern design, innovative technology and advanced processes, will further enhance and reinforce OTIS’ reputation as the premier provider of escalators. To develop superior escalator technology and performance, we combine careful research of our customer’s needs with extensive analysis of modern escalator design.
OTIS LINK has been created to meet the demands of the world market and to suit a wide variety of customer segments and applications.

We believe:

Safety First
- Set up OTIS WWJSSS and OTIS standard safety devices system to maximum secure passenger, installation, maintenance safety
- Minimal gap between skirt-step area to ensure safety code requirement
- Professional OTIS tube truss design
- Unique handrail entry box design to avoid risk of entrapment

Superior quality and architectural design
- QA process along with the whole production processing to ensure every part in line with code and customer requirement
- Use OTIS ACE tools to eliminate waste and improve process
- Wide variety of optional finishes and features
- No intermediate supports required up to 8 meters rise

Service Excellence
- Listen and understand well for customer’s needs
- See things through customers’ eyes

Styling: We offer you enhanced Standard Design
Sheet steel / stainless steel / glass exterior cladding gives owner the freedom to style the escalator to suit interior styling of the building
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