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The world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways
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Otis is the only vertical transportation company to document and use standard work practice manuals developed on the job and through ongoing engineering.
Standard Practice Every Otis mechanic uses documented standard work practices, featuring details of the right methods, parts and tools for every procedure. These are supplemented by computer-based programs, which enable mechanics to thoroughly study the details of every component and system.
Training Otis mechanics are the most thoroughly trained in the vertical transportation industry: collectively, they receive Otis technical trainings. Additional computer-based training enables Otis mechanics to become experts on every relevant subject.
Quality Control Otis supervisors check all maintenance procedures, determine whether or not equipment requires replacement or upgrading, and ensure that every system is entirely code-compliant. Regular in-depth interviews are also performed with customers — because your input is not just welcome, but necessary.
  • The right procedure, performed the right way
  • Greater reliability and quality
  • The best safety record in the industry
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