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The world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of elevators, escalators and moving walkways
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We live by our principles. At Otis, we don’t just talk about our company’s values, we live them. This starts with our people, because our performance as a company is in their hands.

We hire the best people and empower them to do their best for our customers. From their very first day, employees learn the importance of safety. It is our top priority, both for the passengers who ride with us every day and for our own people. Everyone takes pride in living up to Otis’ tradition of quality—the characteristic that has defined our company for more than 150 years. By always doing the right thing every time, we maintain the integrity essential to earning our customers’ trust and keeping their loyalty year after year.
These principles guide even the smallest things employees do to deliver the exceptional performance our customers expect. Click on a principle for a closer look at what these principles mean to Otis employees
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