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When an elevator stops between floors, tragic accidents can occur if passengers attempt to exit the car and leap to the landing.
The safest place for passengers to be, until trained personnel arrive to remove them, is in the elevator. Door restrictors ensure that elevator doors remain closed until appropriate action can be taken. Otis offers two types of door restrictors for different elevator configurations:
Mechanical Door Restrictor
This heavy-duty door restrictor mounts directly on the elevator car door. Otis' patented design allows qualified personnel to disengage the restrictor to evacuate trapped passengers. It also eliminates the need for metal angles in the hoistway, providing added safety for elevator mechanics.

Electro-Mechanical Door Restrictor
This microprocessor-based door restrictor integrates directly into existing door systems, and is installed on top of the elevator door track, limiting the need for excess space between the hoistway wall and the elevator car doors. It uses a solid-state system and is designed to work with virtually any elevator application.


  • Passengers are prevented from opening car doors when an elevator is stopped between floors
  • Reduced risk of falls and injuries from self-evacuation and untrained assisted evacuation
  • Compliance with elevator safety codes

Product Information - Door Restrictors
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