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The new OTIS Genesis is a machine-roomless elevator that has been designed to make full use of the hoistway and to comply with the current demands of the social housing market, guaranteeing the reliability and safety standards of all OTIS products.
A safe elevator

Safety is one of the pillars of OTIS' business philosophy.All our products have the most effective proven safety systems that protect both the elevator users and the maintenance technicians.

The OTIS Genesis is no exception and thus has advanced safety systems and devices such as:
  • Technican protection systems on top of car and in pit.
  • Passenger rescue system MRO.
  • Overload device
  • Passenger protection system DTR
  • System monitoring Device
  • Two-way communication system
Safety can be further enhanced with optional devices such as:
  • Light ray device
  • Half-mirror on rear wall or rearview mirror
  • Audible pushbuttons
  • Curtain of infrared beams
  • Direction indicators on landing with gong
  • Speech synthesizer
  • Door opening of 900 mm in the case of 8 passenger car
  • Optional handrail opposite car operating panel or at the rear.
  • Flat ceiling with low energy consumption spot lights (3 in 6-passenger cars, 4 in 8-passengers cars).LED lighting and automatic car lighting are optional.
  • Car panels in Zircon blue or cream skinplate or prepared for painting on jobsite in the colour you choose.
  • Car operating panel in stainless steel with short stroke pushbuttons.
  • Hall button integrated directly into the door frame. Hall button with box optional.
  • Half-mirror at rear optional.
  • Speckled or black round stud rubber flooring. As an option, marble or white/black granite flooring, according to model.
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