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NextGeneration ServiceTM And our new wireless capability!
The reliability and efficiency of your elevator and escalator systems ultimately depends on the quality of service they receive.

Servicing of your equipment impacts upon the safety of your tenants, their level of satisfaction and the protection of your investment.

Otis Next Generation ServiceTM is leading the way when compared to other service scheduling systems due to its ability to customise procedures based on your individual equipment, usage and environmental conditions. Equipment maintenance plans are developed by highly trained and experienced Field Engineers and delivered by our expert technicians.

That’s why we say it’s like there is a Field Engineer in every maintenance visit.

Now with the new wireless hand tool our technicians are dispatched efficiently, deliver the right maintenance at the right time and the enhanced system allows you to receive up to the minute email notifications of maintenance activity and reliability of your equipment.

We have put the back office power of Next Generation Service into the hands of our mechanics.

The benefits to our customers are:
  • Improved uptime of your equipment through customised maintenance planning and delivery
  • More responsive through efficient dispatching of calls
  • Continuous communication, keeping you informed of all maintenance, callback and repair history
  • Improved reporting on eService, our internet reporting tool
Service Agreements

As well as the best in class service system Otis also offers a range of service maintenance agreements, from basic Service and Report, Comprehensive and EliteTM service contracts.
Talk to one of Otis’ experienced Service Account Representatives to explore the option that is right for you.

Downtime and Callback Reduction

Otis has developed unique diagnostic tools to analyse your equipment more quickly and efficiently.

These tools reduce the amount of time your elevators and escalators spend out of service, as well as the number of unscheduled maintenance visits of your building.

Otis technicians are on call 24 hours a day. Our specialist in-house training ensures our highly skilled work force is up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry standards.
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