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XO-8000, comes from OTIS worldwide quality requirements, ensures the riding comfort and the performance of main parts and control system. High-performance allocation system will help you to cut short the waiting time.

The XO-8000 high-speed elevator solution Xizi Otis provides for our customers is the outstanding representative among them. Originated from the technological achievement of Otis, the No.1 brand in global elevator industry, in high-speed elevators, it also adopts the mature technologies and classic designs of Otis. The part manufacture follows the strict E3 safety manufacture standard of Otis - the highest safety execution standard of elevator parts around the world, satisfying and excelling the safety requirement of the majority of the prestigious business buildings.
Energy Saving

The new generation of gearless tractor is quiet, maintenance-free, oil pollution-free, electro-magnetic pollution-free, energy-saving and with high driving efficiency. It inherits the large torque, strong driving, and stable property of the gearless tracks of Otis.
Comfortable Experience

It's equipped with the best operating quality and property control software specialized for high-rises, ensuring the operating quality, so passengers can experience the safety, quiet, elegant and smooth ride.
Human Design

With more available elevator decoration and exquisite human-computer interface devices, you can share the special services of Xizi Otis in aspects of human-computer engineering design, spatial arrangement and decoration, building environmental design, coloring and psychological experience, etc.
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