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Braille plates and safety signage are required by national elevator codes and are recommended for all elevator applications. Braille plates allow the visually impaired to access crucial information in and outside of the elevator for safe use. Safety signs inform the public of important directions and emergency protocol while using elevators and escalators.
New Braille signs allow for improved safety awareness and are designed to comply with local codes and the ADA code for accessibility. Pre-packaged signage is available in industry standard finishes that give the building a newly updated appearance.

Self-adhesive Braille Plates are applied to the hoistway entrance frame at 60” above the finished floor. The Safety signage consists of a standard plastic sign indicating not to use the elevator in case of an emergency. Self-adhesive plates are applied inside the elevators next to the call button. Due to the variability of these products, please contact your local Otis representative for additional information and pricing.


  • Aesthetic Upgrade
  • Improved Safety Awareness
  • Code Compliant
  • Universal Symbols and Numbering
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Braille and Safety Signs

 Braille and Safety Signs
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