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Emergency Unlocking Devices are used to provide access to the elevator car top and pit for maintenance as well as passenger rescue. Designed for use with the Otis 6940 door lock, this device is located near the top of the hoistway door and is activated by a drop key available only to authorized personnel.
These pre-engineered kits are designed to minimize service interruptions. The device allows access to the hoistway during emergency situations and access to the equipment on top of the elevator allowing for quick evacuation. This prevents anxious passengers from attempting dangerous self-evacuation.

The unlocking device is installed on the back of the hoistway door. A small hole is necessary to provide key access through the door. This package can be installed at each landing on doors up to 9 feet high. State codes vary on the application of this product. Therefore, we recommend that you work with your local Otis representative and local code authority for clarification. This product applies only to Otis door systems that feature a 6940 door interlock.


  • Improved Passenger Safety
  • Improved Hoistway Access
  • Comply with Code Authorities
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Emergency Unlocking

 Emergency Unlocking
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