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OH 5000

The OH5000 is a new product of OTIS, marking a milestone in gearless elevator technological development. At present, the OH 5000 leads the gearless elevator market in mainland China by delivering energy efficiency, space saving, environmental responsibility, and riding comfort.

The OH 5000 is fitted with a highly efficient gearless machine and mechanical components that are designed to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Energy Efficiency
The OH 5000’s permanent magnet gearless traction machine offer energy-savings by:

  • Reducing start-up current

  • Improving driving efficiency

  • Reducing heat consumption and mechanical energy of motor

Space Saving
The compact size of the permanent magnet gearless traction machine frees up valuable building space by using only 30% of the space required for conventional systems.

Reliability and Flexibility
The OH 5000 utilizes Otis’ sophisticated and reliable serial communication network to significantly reduce the number of wires and interfaces. This improves the reliability of the signal transmission, while enabling the control system to work more efficiently.

Its software can be changed easily to adjust the system parameter without altering the hardware to adapt to the variation of configuration and traffic demands. This gives greater flexibility and convenience to elevator upgrade.

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