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Since giving rise to the elevator industry more than 150 years ago, Otis has been at the forefront of elevator technology. Through the years, Otis’ team of professional engineers and designers initiated nearly every major advance and breakthrough in the industry.

Being the latest in a long line of reliable products, the SKY System is built on the concept of excellence in safety and performance. With the new permanent magnet (PM) gearless machine and the latest generation of Otis intelligent microprocessor controllers, the SKY System simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces energy consumption.

High in operation performance and superior in ride quality, the SKY System is the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial and residential buildings.


Permanent Magnet (PM) Gearless Machine

The SKY System is one of the first elevator systems to use a permanent magnet gearless machine, replacing the induction motor with the traditional worm gear arrangement.

The absence of the frictional resistance of machine gears allows the SKY System to economic on energy consumption costs and minimize overall environmental impact. Passengers will not experience the vibration and noise generally associated with geared machines. Additionally, the reduction of moving parts in the PM gearless machine results in reduced mechanical wear and tear.

Optimized Speed Profile

As the elevator moves through the hoistway, car locations are monitored and precisely measured to ensure that the elevator is guided to the registered floor at its optimum speed profile.

A closed loop control system enables floor leveling within five millimeters. This control mechanism not only saves energy, but also ensures a safe and comfortable ride.

Reliable Controller

Designed for groups of up to four cars, the modular controller incorporates a new generation of printed circuit boards and software to provide optimal response times. The digital closed-loop Variable Frequency (VF) drive, with vector control technology, further increases efficiency and accuracy, and a digital speed encoder ensures correct car speed and positioning. The result is a system of exceptional reliability.

When a hall button is pressed, Otis’ Relative System Response (RSR) dispatcher instantaneously selects the most eligible car in the elevator group to answer the call. In a split-second, the RSR dispatcher analyses a set of parameters based on response time estimates and ideal group control practices. By maximizing system performance, RSR enables passengers to benefit from dramatically reduced waiting times.

Door Protection Device

Otis’ LAMBDA LC infrared curtain door protection system casts an invisible safety net of beams across the elevator entrance. The door protection device scans with more than 70 infrared beams per second, in a response time of less than .1 second. If the system detects an obstruction, the doors swiftly and smoothly open to avoid any contact.

Door Systems

Otis offers different door systems to configure to the building’s passenger demands.

For higher traffic applications, a closed-loop VF door operator is available. It allows flexibility in adjusting and setting door operation, meeting a variety of different operating profiles to suit the building’s needs.
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