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Based on the advance technology introduced and absorbed from OTIS, Otis has developed product series of XOP travolators especially for supermarket, mall, etc.

According to OTIS Worldwide Quality/Safety Standards :

Anti-Slip grooves on pallet surface have an excellent slip-proof function which makes the ride safe and comfortable.

Slightly inclined combs can make trolleys easily get on and off.

OTIS special machine with complete protecting function runs smoothly and drives efficiently.

Advance micro compressor controlling system can fully monitor the movingwalks’ performance, promptly eliminating running hazardous and reducing maintenance time.

Compact Structure, Flexible Application

Patented stainless steel pallet; The compact whole structure can flexibly fits the building structure and save the construction space for the customer.

Stable and Reliable Investment :

The running of XOP series is smooth and quiet, the service life is extended and its maintenance can be easily conducted.

Unique tube structure has a big load capacity, which greatly improve the overall running stability and service life.

Colorful Decoration :

Various styled handrail can meet personal demand in different environment. Beautiful stainless-steel floor-plate has a three- dimensional effect. Inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel.

Incomparably Economically :

XOP series moving walks fully utilizes Otis advance manufacturing process, greatly improves product performance and service life, the most direct result is that the operation cost of the customer is reduced.

The optional VF drive technology yields great energy-saving, furthest reducing the running cost.
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