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The LAMBDA® 3D entrance-protection system features an invisible 'safety net' of infrared beams to ensure the physical well-being of passengers.

Using 56 infrared emitters and detectors to create an invisible safety net across the entrance, the system continually scans for interrupted beams. If a beam is interrupted, the LAMBDA system reopens the door instantly — without touching passengers. LAMBDA 3D also features a secondary protection system that projects into the hallway to detect passengers as they enter and exit the elevator.

Multiple Applications
Apart from new and existing high-rise office towers, the LAMBDA 3D system is ideal for industrial and health-care facilities with slower-moving passengers, or facilities where mail carts, stretchers, hospital beds or other heavy equipment is used.

Graceful Degradation
The 'graceful degradation' feature reduces shutdowns caused by materials, ranging from airborne dust to chewing gum, that might block the emitters and detectors.


  • Maximum protection for passenger safety
  • Reduces damage to elevator doors especially in facilities where slow-moving or heavy equipment is used
  • Reduces shutdowns caused by materials blocking the infrared beams
  • Improves overall system reliability
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