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Otis Maintenance Solutions
We believe in being proactive and taking preventative measures to minimise the risk of incidents or accidents. This extends to our customers and their staff / building tenants and our own employees. Otis offers a variety of maintenance programs and building support systems to fit customers’ needs and equipment types. We have standardized work practices around the world and can tailor a maintenance program specifically to the environment. Ultimately, the right maintenance at the right time extends the life of the equipment and protects the owner’s investment.Why Otis Maintenance? The selection of an organization to service your elevators or escalators is a very important decision. It will impact on the safety of passengers that use your equipment, their satisfaction of the level of service being provided and the protection of your investment in the equipment being serviced. An Otis maintenance agreement offers you the flexibility to meet your needs without compromising safety, the service to customers or value of your equipment. It provides the best support and service capabilities in the industry.
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