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Your Hydraulic Modernidation Solution

Elevonic 120M The Elevonic 120M modernization system incorporates a microprocessor-based control system specially designed for hydraulic elevators.
Control architecture is similar to all of the Otis Elevonic products ensuring world class performance and quality.
Elevonic 120M means more then just replacing the out-of-date relay equipment by microprocessor technology, it provides a process of systematic modernization. Most of the electrical installation, such as travelling cables and hoistway wiring as well as all hall and car stations can be replaced.
The Elevonic 120M improves the performance of your elevator considerably with better ride comfort, availability, greater reliability and economy.
Ride comfort
The OTIS position reference system ensures consistently accurate levelling of the car at floor level, thus minimizing the danger of tripping hazards caused by out of tolerance levelling. Fewer electromechanical components help reduce the noise level in the machine room.
The Elevonic 120M meets all safety standards required today.
Short installation time and reduced downtime.
The package configuration with harmonised field-friendly interfaces as well as comprehensive functional testing in the factory enable quick and effective modernization, thus reducing the downtime to a minimum. Microprocessor flexibility
A key advantage of the microprocessor technology is its adaptability and flexibility. The microprocessor control can be adapted and re-programmed to changes in building usage or any other changes that affect the running of the elevator.
The modular system design harmonises with OTIS units as well as with other products and other modernisation packages, such as:
  • Door operators
  • Door safety devices
  • REM® (Remote Elevator Monitoring)
  • Fixtures
  • Hydraulic pumps
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