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Low - Medium Elevator Modernisation Solution
The Elevonic 220M modular control system for modernisation is noted for its flexibility in that it can meet every type of building requirement – from the low to medium rise.
It consists of a microprocessor based operational control available with an Otis VF drive up to 1.6 m/s with closed-loop variable frequency control (OVF20) Otis variable frequency drive systems provide an exceptionally comfortable ride and outstanding levelling accuracy whatever the load.
Elevonic 220M makes the real-time computations on car and hall calls, car position, car running direction and carload. It subsequently makes immediate decisions on car starts and stops and the allocation of car and hall calls. The result is that passenger-handling time is optimised and energy consumption reduced.

Proven reliability
Reliability is achieved through various factors:
  • Microprocessor technology which minimises the number of moving mechanical parts.
  • comprehensive and rigorous pre-testing controls.
  • Otis’ policy of manufacturing their own components together with highly automated production procedures.

  • Microprocessor flexibility
    An undoubted advantage of microprocessor technology is the facility for adapting to changing installation requirements. Should new electrical fixture elements be added to a building, for instance, the microprocessor intelligence can be easily re-programmed to accommodate the new factor.
    Quiet operation
    Improved sound insulation has been achieved by the selection of special components and sound proof cabinets, which are insulated within the building.
    Interface capability
    The Elevonic 220M modular control system interfaces to exiting Otis and non - Otis units as well as other modernisation packages such as:
  • Door operator
  • Door protection
  • REMR (Remote Elevator Monitoring)
  • Electrical fixture elements
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