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Medium - High Rise Elevator Modernisation Solution
The Elevonic 321M modernization control system is designed to replace older controllers in medium to high rise buildings.
Designed for both simplex and group systems, Elevonic 321M uses a new generation of microprocessor controllers to provide optimum passenger response. For up to eight car groups, a modular system structure has been created with specially developed ‘ring’ concept electronic architecture and high-speed serial link data transmissions.
Elevonic 321M, combined with Otis’ VF state-of-the-art digital variable frequency drive control ensures accurate and consistent operation for speeds up to 2.5 m/s.
Proven reliability
Reliability is achieved through various factors:
  • microprocessor technology which minimises the number of moving mechanical parts.
  • comprehensive and rigorous pre-testing controls.

  • Microprocessor flexibility
    An undoubted advantage of microprocessor technology is the facility for adapting to changing installation requirements. A pre-programming feature offers ideal floor to floor speed curves specific to each installation.
    Quiet operation
    Improved sound insulation has been achieved by using special components and by insulating the cabinets within the building. Besides being quieter, the machine room equipment remains cooler with no requirement for the installation of forced draught systems.
    Interface capability
    The Elevonic 321M modular control system interfaces to exiting Otis and non - Otis machines as well as other modernisation packages such as:
  • Door operator
  • Door protection
  • REM® ( Remote Elevator Monitoring)
  • Electrical fixture elements
  • Elevator Monitoring System (EMS)
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